jeudi 22 janvier 2009

Erika is complaining... and practising her english

I'm fed up about my too very small bedroom. It's messy. I can't buy anything because I don't know where to store it (that is not so bad actually), my back hurts when I use my computer and my bed kills me. I did not sleep tonight, my back and my ribs are killing me, I can barely breathe and my elbow is worst as never... The fridge is full, I can't store my stuff, actually I don't buy vegetables anymore. Why is there always someone in the washroom each time I have a "washroom emergency" ?

I do not like personality test. Because I have bad experience about... Because questions are... weird. Because nothing is yes or no, black or white... Maybe because I have several personalities: do I have to worried about that ?

Do you like to be a pilot? Of course, who doesn't ? who doesn't want to be a doctor, a cow bow, a firefighter...

Do you like risk ? huuu... where is my psy ? Actually, I do like challenge, but I do not like danger neither defiance.

Since yestreday I lost channels between 23 and 50 (shaw): why ? I don't understand what's going on. Please someone, help me ! I can't miss my favorites TV shows !

I'm tired not being fluent yet... to be fat... To think about everything that pass through my mouth and drown myself in water and going to the washroom every 40 minutes.

And DELL, again, did a mistake about my laptop.

Don't worried, complaining is not my style. Life is too short wasting time for that. But, at least I had practised my english... You english people, I hope you can understand everything !

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit...

It certainly is good to release pent-up frustration.

Glad you finally got your laptop. Enjoy your new toy!

EP! BLOGUE a dit...

yes, it' good. I feel better.