samedi 23 mai 2009

No I'm not a Spammer

Apparently I am now a spammer. I noticed that I sent the following e-mail to all my contacts from my hotmail account...... only It was not me.

Dear friend,I would like to introduce a really good company that mainly do the electornic products trade.Now the company is doing promotion,all of it's products are sold nearly as same as their cost.It redeners the best service to customers,it provide you original products which isgood quality,and what's more,the pricewill give you a big surprise!It is realy a good opportunity for doing shopping.Just grasp the opportunity,or there will be no more than that!The web address: [insert above address here and this is a link which I have not clicked]

Anyone have any info on this or how to get rid of the problem. I would imagine I am sending this crap to everyone in my address book

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