dimanche 26 juillet 2009

for my english friends: I got injured

I got injured... badly.
I broke my back, vertebra number 12, the middle of the back.
I was sliding on a rope at 6 feet (? no it's heigher, maybe in meters???) height but I felt down. I stayed 3 days at the hospital, time to have a brace and now I'm back at the garrison on a special platoon, name is AWT, for peopol who get injured.
I have to keep my brace around 3 month, 24-24.

Now I'm on seak leave. I decided to stay here because I do not want them to forget me and I need a medical attention, so here, I can have everything, fast and be sure as soon as I'm ready for physio I could go. But if I go home, I have no one to take care of me, like put my socks on, and I have to cook and you know, all stuff we have to do at home, and be fat watching TV...
But I have the choice. So maybe, when I'll be better, in 1 month, I'll decide to finish my retablisment in calgary... I don't know yet.

For now I'm not to bad. I can walk a little bit, I'm not in pain so much, only if I forget my morphine, even then, it's not a big deal. I'm worried to loose my muscles, my shape. I miss practise sport, going in class... Because I'm on seak leave, it's like I'm not here really, so I can do what I want, go where I want...I stay here because I want to make it and I will. I do not know when, it will take time but I will. I heard about a girl, not a long time ago, she broke vertebra too, on the same place, and she just graduate.

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Anonyme a dit...

on te souhaite bon courage et surtout bon retablissement. 3 mois ca devrait passer assez vite ... pour te remonter le moral , je t'annonce que néo dit "maman" maintenant !!!
a bientot